Worlds 2013 Men FP small medal ceremony

Apart from the obvious, this video also contains:
- Yuzu ‘dancing’
- Some announcer pronouncing Yuzuru’s name wrong (like always..)
- Improved cheek kissing
- Yuzuvier action
- Someone’s grandson (lol)
- Funny and dorky Javier
- Awesome figure skaters

I can die now.. *_____*

I don’t really know, but I think that in Europe it is very common. But how many kisses depends on the country. In my country we give three kisses on the cheeks, but other countries give one or two kisses :P Don’t really know about other continents though..

What you’re saying is so right. It’s not really kissing lol. And that is exactly what made me laugh so hard when I watched the Worlds 2012 small medal ceremony. He kissed for real :P HAHAHA That was just too funny. Oh and btw, in some countries men don’t kiss each other on the cheeks. They give each other a hand..

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